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Redcoats caught on camera

Our first event of 2018 was a success, Astley Hall and the people of Chorley welcomed us with open arms. At many of the events we get photographers who are snap happy and we rarely get to see these amazing moments being captured. (Our resident photographer can't always capture our group in action).This year we decided to develop business cards to give out to the public, these cards have all the information for our website and social media pages. You can pick these up at our events they will be left out to take or just ask for one.

Maybe these cards may lead to getting some more recruits? Will they take the King's Shilling?

As a result these cards have helped us gain photographs that would have been otherwise lost in the abyss that is the internet. We would like to thank Ste Blackledge and Daniel Hunt for their contributions, and giving us permission to post their work on our website and social media pages. You will find them on our 'Gallery 2018' page, this is the first time we have had guest photographers photos on our website. (They are so good that we had to share them). So go on and take a look...

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