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New recruits in training

2018 was a very fruitful year for the 47th, we had some great events and even better we gained some more recruits. Our season hasn't started yet, so this gives us more time to prepare our men for service in his Majesty's army.

These past few months we been in the process of having more kit made for our new recruits, there was a gaiter fitting on the weekend (images can be found in 'Gallery 2019').

But it's not all about shiny new uniforms, our new recruits have been in training learning the drills and how to follow orders.

We have one more training session before our first event, if you are interested in joining his Majesty's army or would like to be a camp follower.

Please feel free to contact us via email on 'Contact us' page or you can contact us via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram.

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