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47th Foot return to Events in 2021

We didn't know when we would return for events in 2021, but our long time away was finally broken by invitation to a show at Cromford Mill to celebrate their 250th anniversary. Cromford Mill was built in 1771 as the world’s very first water-powered cotton mill at the dawn of the Industrial Revolution - who better to celebrate this with than with the King’s men of the 47th Regiment of Foot? Along with fellow re-enactment group Redcoats and Revolutionaries and a swarm of Georgian reenactors, we turned the mill courtyard into a bustling encampment. Soldiers and civilians alike were showing off everything from a fully functional blacksmith, through the promenading of ladies and gentlemen to the all-important training of new recruits for His Majesty (blowing off a few cobwebs for the veterans too!)

The public were thrilled to see us all in such a historical setting, curious to ask questions about the curios on display, life for ordinary people at the time and, of course, the American War of Independence. A slow economy at the time meant work was often hard to come by – while the new mill was a sign of better times on the horizon, the lure of people to a different life in the colonies was still strong. We showed off these differences by drilling, camping and even playing games with some colonial irregulars.

Thank you to Naz Ahmed for providing some fantastic photos of our 47th at their first event of 2021, you can see them on our 'GALLERY 2021' page.

The event was a success and the lovely people at Cromford Mill would like us to return again soon, so watch this space...


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