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First training day of the year with some of our new recruits it was very informative and exciting preparing for the season ahead which starts in April.

One of our member's did a presentation on the development of army kit from 18th century to modern day military, to demonstrate that not much has changed in the last few hundred years. They kited one of our new recruits with what soldiers today wear during training and in the field in comparison to 47th foot kit.

In addition to this we also did drill to help our new recruits and members get back into the swing of things for this year, this included running drill (image of this in our 'Gallery 2020'). One of our corporal's took charge in training our new recruits the commands they must follow during drills, helping them get their positions correct and aid technique with holding a musket.

We are looking forward to this years events, come by and see us!.... Maybe you would like to join us? Our events can be found on our 'EVENTS' page on the menu at the top of our website. If you fancy joining our regiment we always welcome new members, please feel free to contact throughout 'Contact Us' page on our website

or you can contact us via social media: Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

See you soon...

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